Learn more about what I do with Teens Go Green as the spokesperson and ambassador for CATA: Consumers Against Toxic Apparel, as my official wardrobe sponsor. Their affiliate companies' clothes are made of certified organic and natural fiber material, with the utmost integrity.

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11-20-2016 GLAM in CATA with Carlos Velez and Ali Lee

Posted by Teens Go Green on November 21, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Right around my 22nd birthday I received the incredible photos taken in my one of a kind signature Consumers Against Toxic Apparel affiliates Silver Needle & Thread and" target="_blank">Creative Jewelry Design by Laura Staley gown.

I absolutely love it! From the fit, to the design, to the meaning of this dress and the journey taken to make it, it really is my Cinderella dream come true. The best part is that I can prove that I can WEAR what I believe in: organic and natural fiber dress to fit with my sustainable lifestyle.

This gown is made of natural silk, organic cotton lining, recycled copper wire, and repurposed stones. It is 99% sustainable and it's been an honor to be able to wear it across international stages.

Carlos Velez photography and Ali Lee hair and makeup have truly captured the beauty and essence of this gown. I hope you love these photos as much as I do. Sustainability is beautiful

10-22-16 Central Florida Vegetarian fest in Silver Needle & Thread

Posted by Teens Go Green on October 23, 2016 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (4)

It's so crazy to imagine that I have been involved with the Central Florida Vegetarian Festival and Earth Day since I was 14 years old. That means it has been eight years I have been with them whether I'm setting up a vendor table for Teens Go Green, hosting carnival games to raise funds for SPLASH, speaking at the youth panel, or one of my favorites, putting together the Project Green Project Runway fashion show.

Models will showcase their eco outfits on the green carpet, and following that any attendees can put together aa quick recyclable outfit of their own to model on the runway later. We repurpose donated unwanted trophies to give all participants.

On this day, I was wearing one of my favorite dresses from Consumers Against Toxic Apparel affiliate Silver Needle & Thread. This light pink certified organic cotton dress is versatile as the strap can be adjusted around the neck or shoulders. I love this dress because it's easy to move around it, and flattering on all shapes! It also worked under my newspaper skirt to have to aspects of eco-fashion, certified organic cotton and recycled material!


10-17-16 Racing North Turn

Posted by Teens Go Green on October 18, 2016 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

I was so excited my mother and I were able to shoot a commercial for Racing's North Turn with Brighthouse Media Strategies.

I am wearing Consumer's Against Toxic Apparel affilate Vital Hemp

The outfit was perfect for the beach location and great to wear on a relaxing day outside!" target="_blank">

CATA in newest Glam Genies photoshoot!

Posted by Teens Go Green on August 25, 2016 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I had a wonderful time shooting with Glam Genies this past summer and showing some of Consumer's Against Toxic Apparel's newest styles from" target="_blank">Silver Needle & Thread and other upcoming brands!

I can't even describe in enough words how much I LOVE this beautiful mint greek silk dupione dress! The color is like no other and is perfect for more formal occasions. The material feels incredible to wear and the sheen light help makes it stand out. It's simple, classy, and fun to wear!

The organic cotton inner lining of this dress is very comfortable and warm. This past summer during my internship it was one of my first pick dresses because it kept my arms warm inside the cold office. I love the flared sleeves and how it matches the skirt of the dress, the white trim gives it more character and dimension.

Once more, I used my Silver Needle & Thread belt to make an over the shoulder top which is really great for high fashion and to give more balance for me as my shoulders are a bit more narrow. I love the clean but edgy look of it.

The butterfly flower printed dress is perfect for the outdoor look and I love wearing it to work or school, where I am sure to stand out with the sweet prints and beautiful blue color. I love the custom fit of the dress and how classy it is compared to many clothes I see in the stores for girls my age today.

7-22-2016: CATA in an office environment

Posted by Teens Go Green on July 23, 2016 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Wearing CATA is not only great for volunteer activities, pageant appearances, and fancy parties, but it is also good to wear in the office while interning for the Orange County Environmental Protection Division!

Working in an office means you have to adjust your typical Florida clothing to long hours in air-conditioning. So for me, a cropped cardigan was perfect with my mint green silk dupioni dress from Consumers Against Toxic Apparel affiliate Silver Needle & Thread. It was able to keep me warm while I was at work, and the dress was classy and stylish to wear as well.

Straight afterwards I attended the Miss US United Continents and Teen Earth United States pageant, I didn't have time to change so the silk dupioni dress by itself was the perfect thing to wear at the finale. I was so excited that Charlotte Trattner was my successor to Miss Charity Queen of One Power International USA! She is a beautiful girl inside and out and deserves it!

7-21-2016: Taking the Glamorously Green Queens to Clean the World!

Posted by Teens Go Green on July 21, 2016 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I can't believe last year I competed in this very pageant and all the opportunities that were held ahead of me. That year, I was honored to place with the elements title US Miss Earth Eco, but it led me to the opportunity of a lifetime representing the USA in Taiwan, and following that competing in Australia only a few weeks ago. I can't believe I did two international pageants in that time span. Even while representing my state of Florida I was able to begin my eco-fashion journey with Consumers Against Toxic Apparel. Words can't express how grateful I am to have been a part of this system and everything it has given to me. The only thing I would want to do is give back. So, we were able to do that by having the Teen, Miss, Ms., Mrs., and Elite Queens volunteer at Clean the World!

Ladies around the country were able to sort hygiene products like soap and bottled amenities into bins to be recycled and redistributed to people in need of proper hygiene. I'm so glad I was able to take them there and show them a bit of Orlando. We were able to redistribute 20,000 bottled amenities, 15,000 bars of soap, and with that create 4,000 hygiene kits for those in need!

You could see me on the very left end in my Consumers Against Toxic Apparel affiliate Silver Needle & Thread organic cotton skirt. I received many compliments on the style and design and it was great to wear in the warm Florida humidity, especially because we were volunteering in a warehouse!

The skirt was able to go from day to night! After volunteering, I went straight into watching the preliminary competition as my little sister was competing in the first ever Young Preteen Earth United States pageant. I'm so glad I can go to Silver Needle & Thread to find versatile, authentic, organic outfits perfect for all occasions!

7-20-2016 First Official Day Interning with the Environmental Protection Division

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What an exciting first official day interning with the Orange County Environmental Protection Division. My supervisor Vanessa has been an incredible mentor for me to follow, and has given me more opportunities than I could have imagined. Getting to work behind the scenes and see multiple aspects of what they do has been so amazing!


I was able to wear Consumer's Against Toxic Apparel affiliate company Silver Needle & Thread custom sewn dress. I love the blue color and simple straight line skirt. It is great to wear for business but still youthful and bright with the pattern. I love how flattering and professional it was for me!

June 26-July 11: Australia! The trip of a lifetime in CATA!

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I've dreamt of going to Australia since I was about 8 years old, and I can't believe I was actually able to do it. In the best way possible, competing in Australia's first international pageant. Those two weeks were truly an experience of a lifetime. Visiting places that took my breath away like the Sydney Opera House (you can ask any contestant,every time I saw or heard about it I would scream), La Perouse golf course, under the harbor bridge, Sydney Olympic Park, and so much more. Although it was Winter over there during my summer break, I'm so glad I was able to wear Consumers Against Toxic Apparel during my time in Australia!

After a 21 hour flight to Sydney, Australia, I was so happy I could wear Consumers Against Toxic Apparel affiliate Imagine Greenwear by the Sydney Opera House. The dress is so comfortable to wear throughout a long plane ride, and the long sleeves kept me warm in Australia winter, but still stylish!


We had two weeks of photoshoots and glamorous events, so the perfect CATA thing for me to wear was CATA affiliate Silver Needle & Thread gown with jewelry pieces by" target="_blank">Creative Jewelry Designs by Laura Staley. A one of a kind sustainable gown of its own, made with certified organic cotton lining, natural silk outer lining, recycled copper wire, and repurposed stones!

I was able to visit the Sydney Opera House while under the Harbor Bridge, it is breathtaking in the evening! While wearing my CATA affiliate Silver Needle & Thread.

It's so crazy to think I was able to be on live TV while I was in Sydney, Australia, in an interview with YBF Cosmetics. TVSN is aired in 33 million homes in Australia and New Zealand. I was talking about Teens Go Green and how I was wearing my organic sponsor, CATA affiliate Silver Needle & Thread.

To end my journey in Australia, I was able to place 3rd Runner Up internationally and win Miss Personality! I was so grateful to compete with such an accomplished and astounding group of contestants. I was so happy to celebrate in my signature red CATA masterpiece!

Coming back home was hard to adjust to reality, but I find the memories and pictures will last forever!

Visiting Children's Miracle Network in CATA skirt

Posted by Teens Go Green on June 17, 2016 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

After Model 4 Miracles has finally settled down, we are putting together ideas for next year and we are so excited. My mother, sister, and I stopped by the office to drop things off and just share with the Greater Orlando Children's Miracle Network Staff how things went this year.

For this event, I wanted to wear something appropriate for all ages but still stylish. I love the periwinkle blue color of the Consumers Against Toxic Apparel affiliate Silver Needle & Thread skirt and how the fin on my waist was perfect. It brightened my entire wardrobe and I loved the style!

Officially an intern for Orange County Environmental Protection Division

Posted by Teens Go Green on June 16, 2016 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

It's hard to believe I am growing up, and before I know it I will have to be an adult. I'm on the path right now of finding a career path that interests me, and I realized my passion for environmental advocacy is something I can continue for my future in a larger level. I believe working with the government and policy makers, I can really make an environmental impact in my community.

In terms of the Orange County Environmental Protection Division, I've volunteered with them throughout many years. With Enviroscape workshops, storm drain labeling, clean ups, and National Public Lands Day, it was a fantastic opportunity for my volunteers no matter what age to take initiative on environmental activities and really see the impact.

I'm so excited now to be interning with them and I cannot wait to see what's in store. I was nervous figuring out what to wear for orientation, and I realized if I intern for the environmental protection division I want to stay true to my values and wear something environmentally friendly. Consumer's Against Toxic Apparel affiliate Silver Needle & Thread creates customized certified organic outfits that are perfect for any occasion. And this occasion was no different. I loved wearing the white organic cotton asymmetrical top! It looked so professional but chic, and was crisp for the business attire.